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BAP is a member of POCA (People’s Organization of Community Acupuncture). POCA is a multi-stakeholder cooperative whose goal it is to make acupuncture affordable to as many people as possible while creating stable clinics and living wages for acupuncturists. BAP, like other POCA clinics throughout the U.S. and Canada, is a social business that aims to increase patients' access to acupuncture by offering treatments in a comfortable group setting and by offering fees on an affordable sliding scale, without ever asking for income verification. To find other POCA-member clinics around the country, or to learn more about Community Acupuncture and POCA, visit the POCA website at

Our clinic is modeled after the Working Class Acupuncture clinic in Portland, Oregon.


Some books we like:
Acupuncture Is Like Noodles by Lisa Rohleder, LAc
Why Did You Put That Needle There? by Andrew Wegman, LAc
Making Babies: A Proven Three Month Program for Maximum Fertility by Sami S. David, MD and Jill Blakeway, LAc
Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler, MPH