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Massage Therapy

Tom Pettengill, CMT, State Certified practitioner

I do Orthopedic bodywork that addresses pain and dysfunction in the body as well as body tension. I work on: low back pain, tension in the shoulders and neck, hip pain, tightness and discomfort, repetitive motion problems, general body uneasiness and tension - as well as sciatica, TMJ, tennis elbow and muscle imbalances that sometimes can’t be felt as painful. I also address more complex issues like postural mis-alignment that can lead to constant pain and chronic mis-alignment. My sessions are both therapeutic and surprisingly relaxing. One important aspect of my work is your involvement - the more you are aware of your body during our sessions, the more you can heal yourself. The best service I can offer is to educate you to care for yourself. And . . . I love what I do!

First session is $30. Additional sessions are a sliding scale from $55 - $75 for 60 min.
90 min sessions: first is $50, 2nd is $70, additional are $85 - $115.

My office hours are Tues and Wed from 10:30 to 8 pm. . Email me with your preferred appt time and date:

For last min requests, call my cell: 831-818-6916

Visit my website for more info: tompett.massagetherapy.com

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