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Michelle Lemieux, L.Ac.

An East Coast transplant, I’ve been on the West Coast for the last fourteen years and can’t imagine leaving.  I’d like to think I’ve held onto some of that East Coast edginess, the ability to talk straight and not give hugs to people I’ve just met.  But then, I’m an acupuncturist, and what’s more West Coast than that! I found acupuncture as a patient after the birth of my first daughter, though the cost made it difficult to continue treatment after a few months.  I am delighted to provide our community with an affordable health care option. When I’m not at BAP, I love to cook and bake with local, organic produce and meats for my wife and daughters, and dream about the days when I had time to rock climb, snowboard, and practice yoga.  I’m sure I’ll find more time soon!


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Michelle Lemieux