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Kaytlyn O'Connor, Certified Advanced Rolfer

Rolfing Structural Integration is a transformative manual therapy. It works directly with our body’s fascia, creating more space in tight or held areas. When this space is created and rediscovered, the body is able to use its own wisdom and return to homeostasis. Kaytlyn first came to Rolfing to solve her chronic back pain that she couldn’t put a root cause to. She loved the depth of the work. She felt immediate change in her body and her back pain improved substantially. She has been practicing in her hometown of Berkeley for nine years and continues to be wowed by this powerful work. She invites you to learn more about Rolfing and discover its potential to make change possible in your body.

Sessions are 100 minutes and $170 with $25 off first session. Learn more at www.MidlineRolfing.com

(510) 717-8649
Email: MidlineRolfing@gmail.com

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