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Massage Thearpy

Deb Malkin, CMT

Are pain and stress stealing your shine? Do you want to be more active, but find that pain in your knees, hips, back, ankles/feet or neck is keeping you at home? My decongestive approach to bodywork can help. I blend traditional massage with cupping and lymphatic massage, which brings in new fluids and smooths connective tissues, helping increase your range of motion and lubrication for living pain free.

I welcome all types of bodies to my table, especially those that are seen as outside the mainstream due to size, age, illness, ability or gender presentation. I have specific skills to help big clients receive bodywork comfortably. This is a judgement free zone.

To make bodywork accessible as a part of your ongoing self care, I offer a sliding scale rate:

60 minutes: $45-$85
90 minutes: $90-$125

Appointments can be easily booked online at:

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